Ouseley, The Power of the rays + Colour Meditations.

Ouseley, The Power of the rays + Colour Meditations.

Farbenlehre, Farbtherapie. – Ouseley, S. G. J. The Power of the Rays + Colour Meditations. 2 Hefte. 7. + 9. Ausgabe, 7th and 9th impression 2 Bücher. 2 books. London, L. N. Fowler & Co. Ltd. 1970, 1971. 18,5x12 cm. 99 S.; 90 S. Softcover. Einband eines Buches etwas angestaubt, das andere gut. Kleine Fleckchen. – Paperback one a bit used the other one in good condition. Innen sauber, colour meditations: sauber bis auf einige Bleistift- und Kulianstreichungen. Gelenk (an)gebrochen. – The Power of the Rays: inside clean; Colour Medidations: with some biro and pencil markings (rare and small) inside, hing broken.

In englischer Sprache. In English. The Science of Colour-Healing.

The author is confident that this little volume will be found of practical value to all people who are engaged in, or who aspire to, the great work of Healing. The favourable reception accorded to the writers previous book on Colour (Colour Meditations) gives rise to the hope that the new work will be equally well received. (foreword of The power of rays).

The human Aura; the physical body; the etheric body, the chakras, cosmic colour; mental and absent healing; radiant healers; power of colour; colour is a vital force and much more.

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