Zariski, Collected Papers. Vol. I – IV.

Zariski, Collected Papers. Vol. I - IV.

Mathematicians. – Zariski, Oscar. Collected Papers. Vol.I – IV. Edited by H. Hironaka and D. Mumford. 1st printing. 4 volumes complete. Cambridge, Mass.; London MIT Press, 1972 – 1979. 26x19 cm. Vol 1: XXI, 543 p.; Vol 2: XXIII, 505 p.; Vol. 3: XXVI, 480 p.; Vol. 4: XVI, 651 S. Hardcover. Green, red and 2 brown full cloth bindings. Good condition, binding of two volumes slightly faded and worn. Library labels on spine and (rests) on back cover. White title on spine. No jackets. Inside with the usual library stamps and inscriptions. Very clean, only book end papers and foot cutting slightly dusty. Series: Mathematicians of our time.

Vol. I: Foundations of Algebraic Geometry and Resolution of Singularities. With a portrait of the older Zariski in front.
Vol. II: Holomorphic Functions and Linear Systems. Edited by M. Artin and D. Mumford. With a portrait of Zariski, as a younger man at home, in front.
Vol. III: Topology of Curves and Surfaces, and Special Topics in the Theory of Algebraic Varieties. Edited by M. Artin and B. Mazur. With a portrait of Zariski, at the age of his 40s approx., in front.
Vol. IV: Equisingularity on Algebraic Varieties. Edited by J. Lipman and B. Teissier. With the portrait of Zariski, photograph taken 1979.

Oscar Zariski (born Oscher Zaritsky (April 24, 1899 – July 4, 1986) was a Russian-born American mathematician and one of the most influential algebraic geometers of the 20th century. (Wikip.)

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